Friday, August 31, 2007

Proposal: Monster Attributes

Self-killed, failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 02 Sep 2007 09:21:37 UTC

A new section shall be entered into the ruleset, titled ‘Monster Attributes’:

After a monster’s initial creation is completed, the initial creator of the monster shall make a post announcing its birth, with the word ‘Birth:’ and the monster’s name in the title. In this post, e will bestow an attribute to the monster. This attribute shall be listed in the wiki page for the monster, under a section labeled ‘Attributes’.

The next two attributes listed in comments to that post shall be likewise assigned to the monster, assuming each attribute is suggested by a different Kaiju God. These attributes shall also be listed on the monster’s wiki page. If either or both Kaiju Gods assigning attributes are different than the original creators, then their name(s) shall be listed on the wiki page after those of the original creators, after the phrase ‘assisted by’.

Each attribute assigned to a monster shall be a phrase describing that attribute, such as ‘Terrible Gnashing Eye Teeth’ or ‘Wobbly Wonder Warts’.


Kevan: he/him

31-08-2007 18:17:58 UTC

imperial Seems a bit random to have any old comments applied to a monster, but we can build on this.


31-08-2007 18:22:12 UTC

My idea is that the attributes be suggested by the image of the monster, but that seems a bit hard to enforce. Of course, I guess they could go through some sort of approval process.

I thought this idea fit with the way it’s created in the first place.


31-08-2007 18:25:24 UTC

Ah, I see what you mean. Yeah, my idea was that we can work out what attributes actually do later, and I think that Kaiju Gods would feel limited if they had to simply select from an arbitrary list of ‘Flame Breath Level 3’ attributes, at least initially… :P


31-08-2007 18:25:29 UTC



31-08-2007 20:05:58 UTC


I’d be nice to make them special for each monster.


31-08-2007 21:26:20 UTC

Yeah, I agree. Maybe a third round by the Kaiju Gods (as the monster matures & grows into its new body) can be used to assign unique powers to those attributes… although the powers would need more definition, maybe from special rules, like Damage level 3, Poison level 2, and Armor level 5.

Josh: he/him

01-09-2007 01:12:54 UTC

I don’t dislike, I just think that there’s a more elegant way of doing this. Another problem is that this proposal calls for a new “section” to be added to the ruleset; I’m not certain that an enacting admin would be cold enough to strike this down on that basis, but clarity is always desirable. against

Darknight: he/him

01-09-2007 02:51:53 UTC

imperial sounds good, looks eh, is changeable


01-09-2007 13:51:43 UTC

well, this looks like it’s going to be shot down. so what would be more elegant, then? i can write up something better tomorrow if someone else doesn’t

Clucky: he/him

01-09-2007 18:15:25 UTC

against Yeah, more elegant would be better.


02-09-2007 00:42:06 UTC

against s/k