Monday, June 24, 2019

Ascension Address: Monster Makers

The king’s court is garbed in black, for the second most important figure in the realm has died. Not the queen, nor the heir, but the Royal Wizard. For years, Garen Drakemage captured, bred, and enchanted monstrous beasts to serve in battle. The ferocious beasts have provided key victories, bringing both the realm and Garen much honor.

But now Garen Drakemage is gone, and one of his apprentices must take his place as the chief supplier of military monsters. Each must strive to prove his worth. It is a contest of both skill and leadership. In the end, one wizard will be selected as the new Royal Wizard, and given a title fitting of his new station. And with the on-going conflict in the west, the demand for war monsters is higher than ever…

Change Architect to Wizard and Supervisor to King. Keep all special case rules active.



24-06-2019 14:46:02 UTC

My leige, I hate to trouble thee, but the peasants are demanding to know if they will have a distant monarch, or if your Grace would prefer the last special case rule to remain inactive.

Kevan: he/him

24-06-2019 15:09:42 UTC

It’s automatically Active again, per the Special Case section intro: “When a new dynasty is started, the Ascension Address may state any existing Special Case Rules that are set to inactive; any Special Case Rules not set in the Ascension Address become Active.”

derrick: he/him

24-06-2019 18:23:48 UTC

I am a King, born and bred to lead armies and nations, not to raise lizards in pens. I considered dabbling in such matters when I ascended to the throne, but my advisers counseled against it.