Thursday, November 28, 2019

Proposal: Monsters don’t deserve second chances

Reached quorum 3 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 28 Nov 2019 21:22:22 UTC

In the rule 2.5 (“Transformation”), amend the third paragraph as follows:

In order to use Hidden Monstrosities, the Monster must claim them by privately informing the Priest what Hidden Monstrosities they have chosen; such notification should be by Private Message. If the Priest has received no such notification by the time the Monster has performed its first Battle Action following its Transformation, the Monster shall be considered never to have had any Hidden Monstrosities. Any Battle Actions which the Monster has performed and which they couldn’t have performed without Hidden Monstrosities shall be as if they had never happened, with the exception that the Monster shall remain unable to claim Hidden Monstrosities.

The current wording allows a Monster to use a Hidden Monstrosity without claiming it first, have this Battle Action reverted, then claim their Hidden Monstrosities before attacking again. This cannot happen if the Monster’s first Battle Action uses a Visible (or no) Monstrosity, which is unfair. My proposed changes to the rule are from the new full-stop onwards (i.e. the new last sentence) and close this loophole.

I’ve also changed the first sentence of the paragraph to make sure the “claim” wording near the end of the paragraph is not challenged, and also to remove the previous “number and type” wording, which makes little sense now that it’s clear a Monster may have only one of each Hidden Monstrosity.


Kevan: HE/HIM

11-28-2019 11:10:55 UTC



11-28-2019 18:10:48 UTC

Just to be clear, I did choose my hidden monstrosity when I finished transforming, as seen by so this proposal won’t save you from staying unconscious if that is your hope.


The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

11-28-2019 18:17:02 UTC

My proposal is a form of future-proofing the rule against the situation I describe above. I don’t expect it to have the slightest effect on the present Battle.

PS: I can’t see the image in your comment.


11-28-2019 18:46:21 UTC

Just open the image in a new tab. I thought it would just remain a link and not try to display

The Duke of Waltham: HE/HIM

11-28-2019 19:39:56 UTC

So handsome!