Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Proposal: Monsters may come from Limbo, but they don’t stay there.

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 06 Sep 2007 10:08:32 UTC

Add the following text to the City and Neighborhoods rule:

Some outlying regions of the city that are not neighborhoods shall be tracked in a section at the top of The City document called Outer Regions. This is not a neighborhood. It shall have three subsections named with the following:

The Skies

The Sea

The Farmlands

Add the following to the end of the Monster Mash rule:

After a monster is completed, it must start in one of the sections of the city listed in the Outer Regions section of The City Document. The starting location is decided by the Kaiju God who submitted the post to start creating the monster. This is done by simply adding the monsters name into one of the three sections.

When this passes, all monsters created before this rule will be listed in an Outer Region of the monster’s creator’s choice.



04-09-2007 15:30:42 UTC

for nice


04-09-2007 15:48:34 UTC

Should tie in with the media rules too. Later will allow monsters to move around, as well.

Hmm… I see a few problems… I’ll post a patch for them.


04-09-2007 17:38:41 UTC



04-09-2007 19:24:47 UTC

On second thought, I’ll wait for more feedback before poking at things.

Darknight: he/him

04-09-2007 20:58:16 UTC

for most monsters live outside any city anyway so this works well

Amnistar: he/him

04-09-2007 21:31:20 UTC

for works for me


05-09-2007 00:05:10 UTC

Alrighty then {:0) We’ll need a way for them to move about, and what can happen when more than 1 monster is in the same space. Maybe they are ‘ok’ with each other in the outer regions, but start playing Rampage in the Neighborhoods?


05-09-2007 00:18:26 UTC

I agree—‘The sea’ is a big place. Also, if you include ‘It came from Outer Space’, the sky is infinitely big enough for monsters to roam without bumping into each other too much.

Kevan: Oracle he/him

05-09-2007 15:44:50 UTC


Kevan: Oracle he/him

06-09-2007 10:49:24 UTC

against CoV.

You really have to explain how “When this passes, all monsters created before this rule will be listed in an Outer Region of the monster’s creator’s choice.” works as a mechanic. How can the enacting admin know which regions these are? And each monster has three creators - who gets to choose, and what happens if all three creators disagree?


06-09-2007 14:44:22 UTC


s/k yeah, I can better word this.

I’ll include aaronwinborn’s threat level into the new version.