Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Story Post: Moose 1’s Belly Dance

Every Colonist’s Hunger has been increased by 2. Darth Cliche, Roujo, Tiberias and Igthorn are Starving.

Meanwhile, Moose 1 is eyeing the crops hungrily. It’s still ruminating its last meal at the moment, but your crops won’t be safe for much longer.

Moose 1 would also like to initiate a Dance. Moose are truly the most graceful of creatures.



21-04-2010 14:05:19 UTC

Moose 1, Kevan, ais523 and I seem to fulfill the requirements for the Hokey-Kokey.


21-04-2010 21:17:20 UTC

I can see how Moose 1, Kevan, ais523 and Josh could complete the Hokey-Kokey, but I don’t see how the configuration you mention could work. I’ve reverted it for the moment, but feel free to recomplete the dance if you can show me how the four of you fit on a circle.

Also, you may not reduce the Hunger of other Colonists after completing the Hokey-Kokey.


21-04-2010 21:27:31 UTC

Ah, I had looked at the settlement map and mixed up myself and Josh.


21-04-2010 22:27:34 UTC

I’ve just moved to 15a, where I Hokey-Kokey with Ornithopter, Roujo and Put.


21-04-2010 22:31:50 UTC

Incidentally, is this legal? There was a Hokey-Kokey a little over 6 days ago, but it was an entirely different configuration (different shape, different people involved, even different definition of “Hokey-Kokey” (the previous dance doesn’t fit with the current definition)).