Saturday, December 30, 2017

Proposal: More abilities

self-killed failed by card

Adminned at 31 Dec 2017 04:30:05 UTC

Add to the list of Abilities the following:

- Beefarm (Manifest 50): One of your arms is massively muscular. As a weekly action, you can attempt to Throw another Nearby Failed Experiment by increasing your Hunger by X amount and rolling DICEX, where X is a positive integer of your choice, up to 10. If that roll has a result which is above 1, the Throw is successful and you manage to move the target up or down (this direction is your choice) an amount of Distance which is equal to the result of the roll. This movement ignores the restrictions of crossing Marked Distances.

- Roselips (Manifest 30): Your lips hide a series of tiny, poisonous stingers. As a weekly action, you can set the HP of a Nearby Failed Experiment whose HP is 4 or less, to 0. Doesn’t affect targets with Carapace.

- Smellycheeks (Manifest 40): You can easily paste your scent onto your surroundings to mark your territory. By increasing your Hunger by 20 and making a Blog Post for this purpose, you can Mark your current Distance value. You can only Mark one Distance value at a time - any new Marks you make remove your prior Marks. While you are at your Marked Distance and your HP is at least 50% of its Max HP value, no Failed Experiment other than yourself can cross it.

A way to make others move more, a roguish weapon, and a way to make others move less.



30-12-2017 23:04:10 UTC

against Being able to mark 0 causes all sorts of problems, the worst being the impossibility to spawn new players…


30-12-2017 23:14:23 UTC

Oh snap lol against


30-12-2017 23:20:24 UTC

(but otherwise I like these new abilities)