Thursday, February 14, 2008

More acceleration?

I don’t want a wild west dynasty to end with a whimper; a bang would be much more fitting.  How would people like to proceed:
- more frequent and more dangerous (but potentially more lucrative) train robbery opportunities?
- higher stakes poker?
- some sort of mechanism to get more gun battles going between Players?
- something else?

The reason why I had that component of my “accelerator” proposal to have the doctor go off duty at some date certain is because if being unwounded ends up being one of the routes to victory, we need people who become wounded to stay wounded.

Any thoughts?



15-02-2008 04:20:26 UTC

All of the above?  :-D Though if it comes to choosing, I find the gun battles the most interesting option, followed by the poker and the train robberies in that order.

BTW, may I get an account for the wiki?  I’d like to give myself a profession.


15-02-2008 08:07:59 UTC

Well, the dynasty to me is interesting… except for the poker part.

Here’s why:
All the fun stuff is unavailable while playing poker.

Train robbing I think is the best thing this dynasty has going for it… keep poker or no, but making robbing the train more a part of the game seems like a good idea to me.


15-02-2008 20:11:33 UTC

I agree with CB.


15-02-2008 23:46:33 UTC

Maybe we should include a new courage level above “-” that gives special benefits?