Thursday, March 21, 2013

Proposal: More Class Actions

Reaches Quorum and Passes 6-0. -RaichuKFM

Adminned at 23 Mar 2013 09:56:00 UTC

Increase the “Hold” stat of every Scout by 5. In the rule “Specifications”, change the Scout’s default “Hold” value from 5 to 10.

Add a subrule to “Resources”, entitled “Class Trades”, containing the following:

As an Activity, a Scout may gain one resource produced by any Sector they have Jumped to that day. As an Activity, a Freighter may trade up to three Resources to a Sector to gain the same amount of Resources of any type, excluding weapons.

There is little incentive to be anything but a Fighter or Space Station. Let’s fix that.


RaichuKFM: she/her

21-03-2013 20:43:42 UTC

Honestly, this is a major issue in this Dynasty. Fighters should probably be the ones with a Hold of 5, but that would probably be opposed. There should be a viable non-combat strategy in this Dynasty; otherwise I would have made this Space-Pirates. If anyone has some ideas to flesh out Resource gains, please share or propose them. Thanks.


21-03-2013 20:45:43 UTC



21-03-2013 22:05:58 UTC

for tentatively. I still have to run balance but I think this is okay.


21-03-2013 22:58:29 UTC

against I think that scouts get too many resources in this modification. I think these are good ideas in general, but I would limit the scout’s ability to gain resources in this way.


21-03-2013 23:52:04 UTC

Not really. They can get two per 24 hour period and must spend 2 energy to do it. That is really not that much.


22-03-2013 01:02:39 UTC

for CoV. I’m still hesitant, but I think the good in this outweighs the small problems I might have.


22-03-2013 02:01:34 UTC



22-03-2013 07:51:23 UTC