Saturday, December 02, 2006

Proposal: More Experiments

Self-Killed. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 04 Dec 2006 07:51:23 UTC

Add the following text to the rule “Scientific Experiments”:

This action may only be taken if the student has performed the experiment “Reservoir Water” within the last 24 hours.

When a student takes a drink water from the local water supply, e may also attempt to purify the water by posting a comment of “Purify: DICE20” to the GNDT with the following results:
* If the result is 12 or less, the experiment was successful and eir sanity remains the same instead of decreasing by one.
* If the result is 13-19, the experiment has failed and eir sanity is reduced by 2 instead of 1.
* If the result is 20, the purifying equipment has exploded! Eir sanity is reduced by 5 and eir thirst remains the same.

Also, add the phrase “Reservoir Water” to the top of rule 2.9.

Also also, replace all instances of expiraments in the ruleset with experiments.




12-03-2006 16:29:50 UTC

Sounds a little too risky for me.


12-03-2006 17:07:42 UTC

I think the wording of this is all wrong. Your sanity doesn’t always Decrease after an experiment. It only decreases after drinking. Reword such that this applies after you take a drink, and I’ll probably vote for it.  against


12-03-2006 20:52:06 UTC

I thought it was clear? I guess not. I was half asleep when I typed this up three days ago. against


12-03-2006 23:07:55 UTC

Oh wait. I see. I think I was the one who miss read it =P. COV for


12-03-2006 23:20:52 UTC


If Saki changes eir vote, can the proposal still pass?


12-04-2006 04:19:06 UTC

The vote cannot be changed
“If a Student votes against eir own proposal, that vote may not be changed.”
Repropose, Saki.


12-04-2006 05:14:03 UTC

Rhontos:It’s the same sanity loss on average as taking a drink, assuming one drinks normally after each exploding experiment