Monday, August 06, 2007

Proposal: More Hammers

Self Killed—Clucky

Adminned at 08 Aug 2007 06:15:27 UTC

Add the following Hammers to rule 2.4 Hamemrs


If a hammer-type hammer is used on another monkey, that monkey drops eir current hammer and picks up a copy of the hammer that appears directly below eir original one in the ruleset. If the hammer that monkey is holding is last on the list, the hammer that appears on the top of the hammer list is used.

Big Squeaky

If a Big Squeaky hammer is used on another monkey, that monkey uses eir hammer on the other monkey that is next to it(not the one that used their hammer).


If an Emo-type hammer is used on another monkey, then that monkey uses eir hammer on eimself. If that monkey has a revenge hammer, big squeaky hammer, or emo hammer, all the monkeys laugh as e bangs eimself on the head multiple times, but nothing happens.


If a revenge-type hammer is used on another monkey, then that monkey uses eir hammer on the monkey that first used the revenge hammer. If that monkey also has a revenge hammer, nothing happens.


If a Sledge Hammer is used on another monkey, then that monkey’s status is set to the monkey barrel.

Hot Potato

If a Hot Potato Hammer is used on another monkey, that monkey and the monkey that used it switch hammers.

After the whole dance has been completed, any monkey holding a hot potato hammer loses one banana, if he has one.


If an MC-type Hammer is used on another monkey, that monkey gains one dance move but loses three bananas, if e has them. If e does not have three bananas, e loses all eir bananas and does not gain a dance move.

Also, I’ve been thinking that it would be cool to have some NPC monkeys have their own hammers, like Thor could have Mjolnir. Anyone else think so?

And if you vote against this, please name the hammers you dislike so I can know what to fix when I repropose.



06-08-2007 21:37:03 UTC

Emo hammer, ROFLOL.

I’m worried about the sledge hammer, since there is not a way out of the barrel yet, but not against it as a hammer.

for anyways though, since I’m sure there will be a way out of the barrel (unless I missed a way out that exisist).

Clucky: he/him

07-08-2007 01:23:35 UTC

Seems to me getting out of the barrel could simply be a weekly action. Or maybe after the dance is run, the barrel is emptied. (So like, anyone who wasin the barrel before the dance started is back in the monkey line. But anyone who was put into the barrel isn’t. Time out for a turn).


07-08-2007 01:41:31 UTC


Oracular rufio:

07-08-2007 03:32:46 UTC

MC hammer. :)

I note that at this point we have many, many ways to lose bananas, and no way to gain them via dance moves, which will probably make the MC hammer and the Hot Potato hammer useless after a few iterations.

I like the idea of NPCs having hammers with unique abilities, too.

Oracular rufio:

07-08-2007 03:42:21 UTC

On another note, what happens if a big squeaky hammer gets used on the first or last Monkey in line?


07-08-2007 05:58:57 UTC

for Cool, hammers galore!

Clucky: he/him

07-08-2007 10:41:26 UTC

I just noticed a problem.

Say you have a string of

Revenge - (one or more big squeakies) - Revenge.

Revenge bops squeaky, who bops squeaky, who continues the chain until the other revenge is bopped. E turns around and sets the chain in the other direction. In other words, an infinite loop.

SO i’ll have to against and repropose. Any other changes I should make?


07-08-2007 15:41:33 UTC

Actually, that’s not a loop.  You’re treating being hit _while holding_ a [Revenge|Big Squeaky] Hammer the same as how you should be treating being hit _by_ that hammer.

The actual loop occurs when the sequence is:

Big Squeaky - Revenge - Big Squeaky

The loop would vanish if you make it so that Big Squeaky mallets don’t have any effect on someone with a Revenge Hammer.

Clucky: he/him

07-08-2007 16:48:55 UTC

Right, you would have:

B uses revenge on C
C uses big squeaky on B
B uses revenge on A
A uses big squeaky on B
B uses revenge on C…