Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Hooks

Create a new Rule titled “Bill Murray and the Brouhaha” with the following text:

If a Blognomicker participating in a Match possesses a {Time-Turner}, that Blognomicker may be referred to as {Bill Murray} for the remainder of the Match. Should a {Bill Murray} win a Match, that {Bill Murray} earns {10 points for Gryffindor}. Should a {Bill Murray} lose a Match, they must participate in a {Brouhaha} with a {Blast-Ended Skrewt}.



05-16-2010 05:28:50 UTC

not a proposal


05-16-2010 23:43:43 UTC

Bad Galdyn!


05-17-2010 01:06:19 UTC

why does that make me bad?


05-17-2010 02:11:46 UTC

He had the chance to proposalize it.


05-17-2010 08:09:43 UTC

as far as i can tell he was not allowed to edit this and change the category (1.7) because even with no comments according to the timestamps i commented almost 7 hours later.


05-17-2010 12:49:25 UTC

@Darth: you can only proposalise in the first 15 minutes. No exceptions, now we’ve closed that particular loophole…