Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Proposal: More like “Chaotic Awesome”

reached a quorum, final vote 7-2—Yoda

Adminned at 10 Jul 2008 07:36:46 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule. Call it “alignment” and give it the following text:

Each Adventurer has an alignment tracked in the GNDT in a column called “Alignment”. Possible alignments are listed in a sub rule called “Possible Alignments”. All adventures start with an alignment of true neutral. Within forty eight hours of joining the game, an adventurer may once change eir alignment to any other alignment.

Give that rule a sub rule called “Possible Alignments”

Lawful Good
Lawful Neutral
Lawful Evil
Neutral Good
True Neutral
Neutral Evil
Chaotic Good
Chaotic Neutral
Chaotic Evil

Give all active adventures an alignment of “True Neutral”. Within 48 hours of passing this proposal, all adventures may once and only one change their alignment.




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09-07-2008 15:57:44 UTC

against I don’t particularly like this, but I won’t veto it… yet.


09-07-2008 16:06:03 UTC

I would almost rather see certain actions pushing you to either side (like in KotOR).


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09-07-2008 17:22:58 UTC

for I think choosing your alignment is fine if your alignment actually restricts your actions, and you can slowly tick it round to something else at a later date. I wonder what alignments people would actually choose…

Amnistar: he/him

09-07-2008 18:33:31 UTC


Remember, we only choose our BASE alignment.  We can make game actions shift alignments through other rules.


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Darknight: he/him

09-07-2008 23:07:24 UTC

for As I know fully from playing alot of D&D;(lol ya I play it) its not that hard to have ones alignment shift.


10-07-2008 09:51:27 UTC

Worth noting that if this proposal passes, we have officially left the realm of 4th Edition - as 4th Ed. only has 4 actual alignments and ‘unaligned’. Back to 3rd, folks!

(I DON’T play D&D;, but I try to keep up to date anyway, because I wish I did.)

(Amnistar is the only person to have explicitly stated 4th Ed.)