Monday, May 20, 2024

Proposal: More Love for the Glove

Withdrawn. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 May 2024 08:01:41 UTC

In the rule “Possessions”, replace the text for the Effect of Glove with the following:

The Linger Plan gives you 4DICE2 Florins Covertly instead of 2DICE2

The Effect for the Glove currently references a Plan that no longer exists, which is not fair for any Glove owners


Kevan: he/him

21-05-2024 09:08:29 UTC



21-05-2024 15:28:35 UTC

for As I am attempting to earn me a glove, it is important that I can maybe use it, although, I probably will not, for I enjoy jumping quite a lot.

I am more frog than DesertFrog! NYAHAHA!


21-05-2024 22:03:47 UTC

imperial the rules don’t need anymore changes at this point.

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

21-05-2024 22:16:22 UTC

True. Withdrawn.  against