Thursday, September 07, 2006

Proposal: More Procedure

1-6. Time out.—Chronos

Adminned at 09 Sep 2006 13:48:17 UTC

Add a “Crescendo” sub-rule to Time Signature:

If more than half the musicians that have a Tempo have an “Alegro” Tempo, and more than half the musicians that have a Harmony have a “Dissonant” Harmony, then any musician may choose a positive integer number of musicians with a “Dissonant” Harmony and simultaneously change then to “Consonant” - That number must be at least as great as half the current number of musicians with a “Dissonant” Harmony. Immediately upon doing that, this same musician is entitled to make a post to change the Time Signature to x+2/y, where x and y are the values in the time signature in the moment of the post. That post may be done even if it would bring the value for x out of the limits set by the Time Signature rule.

I guess I’m entitled to post this 3rd Proposal under the current Time signature.



09-07-2006 16:04:15 UTC

for Hooray for a (non-CfJ) way to escape the clutches of the dreaded 2/8 time signature.


09-07-2006 16:53:48 UTC

against Seems too powerful. And its not like we are ever going to be stuck in 2/8th time.


09-07-2006 16:57:02 UTC


I’d vote for this if it didn’t allow x to go out of range.


09-07-2006 20:42:13 UTC

CoV imperial Take 2 seems to be in compliance, though.


09-07-2006 22:36:21 UTC

I’m really imperial but against since there’s a 2nd version


09-08-2006 07:18:19 UTC



09-08-2006 20:51:26 UTC