Friday, October 18, 2019

Proposal: More Rule Too

Self-killed. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 20 Oct 2019 01:44:23 UTC

Create a new rule called “Alternative Morals” with:

Once per dynasty, an EM can instate Alternative Morals to improve their nation’s riches, gaining an Asset of their choice and creating a new Moral variable. When a new Moral variable is created, its creator also chooses what name it has, and sets what values it has for neighboring EMs (EMs that share a continent with them) other than themselves; between 0 and 99. Moral variables default to having a value of “unset” (abbreviated as “-” in the GNDT) and an EM can set one of their unset Moral variables to any integer value. However, the Moral variable for its creator will always default to a value of 100. The names of Moral variables are encouraged to have a negative or controversial connotation (such as “Brainwashing”, “Addiction” or “Racial Purity”). The names of Moral variables are strings up to 20 characters long that can only contain alphabetical characters and up to one space.

The value of Moral variables for each EM are tracked on the GNDT in the “Moral” column, in the order they appear listed in the Moral column of the Data row, separated by commas. For example: 800,8,135

There exists a GNDT row called Data. The names of Moral variables are tracked within the Data row, on the Moral column, as names separated by commas. For example: Ignorance, Obesity, Addiction.


Kevan: he/him

18-10-2019 13:22:15 UTC

against Still scammable to allow players to name and assign themselves gamestate at will, which rules can react to, eg. “no Assets”, “Victory”, “achieved Victory”.


18-10-2019 14:27:23 UTC

Oh, Kevan, I’d get so scammed without you. That or I’d simply vote against such oddball victories using common sense interpretation. Sorry, Cuddles, but he’s got a point. Enumerated lists would seem to be a must. imperial


18-10-2019 14:29:13 UTC

Gives new meaning to the moral victory.


18-10-2019 14:57:20 UTC

against One day I’ll get it right the first time.