Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Proposal: More war

Passed 4-1 (timed out). Enacted by smith.

Adminned at 07 Oct 2005 14:52:54 UTC

Add a War subrule to rule Conflict:

A country may declare war on another alliance or a country who is not a member of an alliance by making a post entitled “Declaration of war to (target alliance or country) by (posting country or eir alliance)”. All members of eir alliance, if e is in an alliance, may now vote on this declaration the same way ey would vote on a proposal. If the posting country is not member of an alliance, or if, before 24 hours after the post was made, at least half of the members have voted FOR, both parties, and all members thereof, are officially at war. If a country takes control of Chronos Phaenon Homeland, all alliances e is not a member of and all other countries who are not member of an alliance are automatically at war with em or eir alliance unless this rule forbids it.

At any time, a country involved in a war may make a post entitled “Peace negotiations to (Name of country or alliance the country is at war with)”. The body must contain an offer, a fine for violating the offer (a fine could be set for each relevant part of the offer) and a timeframe in which both parties may not declare war on or invade each other, which may not be violated if the negotiations lead to the end of the war. Each country who is involved in this particular war may vote on these negotiations the same way e would vote on a proposal. If, before 48 hours after these negotiations were posted, at least half of the countries involved at each side have voted FOR the negotiations, the war is officially ended, and both sides of the negotiations shall complete each task set for them within either 48 hours or the timeframe set for each task in the post. If a country doesn’t, e shall be fined accordingly.

An offer consists of one or more of the following (one could be used multiple times):
* A one-time payment and/or periodical payments until a certain point in time of population or machinery to (a) certain country/countries and/or the transportation thereof to any number of territories within a certain timeframe.
* The posting of one or more specified market orders at specified prices which may differ up to 20% from the last market position for each commodity instead of the usual percentage.
* A request to join a certain alliance by one or more certain countries, or votes FOR such a request by all countries on one side of the negotiations.
* The act of agreeing to not leave an alliance until a certain point in time.
* A declaration of war to another country or alliance by a certain country.
* A declaration of awesomeness by a certain country or alliance (A certain country shall make a post entitled “(to be specified in the offer) is AWESOME!”, optionally including one or more valid reasons for the awesomeness of the specified item/country/alliance in the body of the post, and any members of eir alliance shall respond to this post affirmatively).
* Nothing

If a country is involved in a war, the hegemonist will treat the production capacities of all territories belonging to em as if they were 1 less, or zero if otherwise negative. Furthermore, the aforementioned country involved in a war may not issue or accept market orders to or from a country e is at war with,  all eir constructions with type Combat cost 2 units less per period of each commodity which is included in the cost per period, and all eir constructions without type Combat cost 1 unit more per period of each commodity (including those that are normally not included in the cost).

If there are 2 or more alliances, and all alliances are at war with at least one other alliance, the game is considered to be in a state of World War.

Countries cant declare war. This paragraph removes itself 72 hours after Proposal: More war passes.

Add (Combat) to the types of constructions Cannon and Fortification.

Add to the list in subrule: Quick reference:

* The alliance e is member of, if e is member of one.
* Any alliances or countries e is at war with.

Relevant changes: removed an ambiguity spotted by chronos phaenon, changed giving commodities to posting market orders and added the offer to agree not to leave an alliance to make having to join one mean something since one could just immediately leave it otherwise.



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10-05-2005 20:52:28 UTC

against Cronos has control of Cronos Phaenon homeland, and thus e will be declared war opon by everyone.


10-06-2005 05:36:43 UTC

That’s not what it says.  it says ‘takes control’. There’s a difference.

I’m indifferent to this proposal.. I’ll look at it again tomorrow and decide to vote.


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