Thursday, June 06, 2024

Proposal: More Words

Timed out 2 votes to 3. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 08 Jun 2024 12:08:43 UTC

Add the following words to the wiki page titled “Oxford 3000”:

beaver, cat, cow, dog, fox, rabbit, raccoon, squirrel, tiger, wolf, wombat,

crow, dove, duck, eagle, flamingo, goose, hawk, owl, pinguin,

eel, crab, octopus, shark, whale,

ant, bee, beetle, butterfly, caterpillar, fly, scorpion, slug, worm,

cactus, lawn, liana, moss, mud, mushroom,

darkness, lightning, rainbow, sun, thunder,

cave, hideout, hut, lighthouse, mansion, sea, sky, skyscraper, swamp, temple,

cut, die, dodge, punch, run, swing,

axe, bow, granade, gun, shield, sword,

alien, galaxy, gravity, laser, plasma, spaceship, warp,

apprentice, burglar, captain, god, monster, ninja, pirate, smith, traitor, witch, wizard,

galactic, magical, mechanical, murderous, slimy, suspicious

From the same wiki page, remove all words that begin with “some”, “every”, “with” or “wh”, except for the words “wheel”, “whisper”, “white” and “whole”.


JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

06-06-2024 21:34:03 UTC


Kevan: he/him

06-06-2024 21:44:54 UTC

against Mild downside of the random Elements including a word that doesn’t fit the story setting that we end up adopting. What’s the benefit?

Darknight: he/him

07-06-2024 00:46:47 UTC



07-06-2024 04:47:15 UTC

Mild against. Kevan makes a good point; I like the challenge/inspiration that comes from the list of Current Elements, but some of these words feel very specific. I like how evocative they are, though.


07-06-2024 10:19:09 UTC

Which words specifically are the ones that are too specific? Would some subset of this list possibly work better?

(I’d also like to point out that the list already contains some just as specific words such as “architect”, “tourist”, “elephant”, “museum” and “marketing”)

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

07-06-2024 14:57:38 UTC

After this second round of Judging is over and the direction of The Story becomes more clear, it would probably be worth re-introducing this Proposal with genre-appropriate words in mind. Right now, it’s still hard to say whether The Story is going to be sci-fi, fantasy, or detective noir, depending on which Fragment gets the highest Total Score.