Thursday, July 07, 2016

Proposal: Mostly Harmless…?

Self-Killed -Larrytheturtle

Adminned at 09 Jul 2016 21:27:20 UTC

I prepose that ” Mostly Harmless” means that

  A scribe that has less than two projects, a “Stress” level under five, and a “Looks” level of over four shall be considered to be Mostly Harmless.



07-07-2016 16:32:34 UTC

against I like Izzobotem’s better.

quirck: he/him

07-07-2016 16:34:46 UTC

Just a note. “Once a proposal has been enacted, it can have no further direct effect on the gamestate.” Better to create a rule with the desired text.


07-07-2016 16:35:53 UTC

Thank you. Your definition includes many variables to account, but the problem I find with mine, is that it adds another variable to the game, which I don’t know if it is good.

Brendan: he/him

07-07-2016 16:52:04 UTC

against In favor of a proposal that creates or alters a rule.


08-07-2016 02:33:54 UTC