Thursday, September 10, 2020

Proposal: mountains or underwater plate

1-7 with fewer than quorum not voting against. Failed by Brendan.

Adminned at 10 Sep 2020 16:37:00 UTC

in the rule Tectonics change the text “Rising or Falling” if it exists to “Rising, Falling or neither”

Add to the rule Growth

Each Island has an Altitute statistic that is an integer, defaulting to Sea Level (0 Height), tracked on the Great Sea wikipage.

Create a new rule titled Stature [Optional] with the text

As an Optional Action, an Island can increase their Altitude by 3 Height if they are Rising.
As an Optional Action, an Island can decrease their Altitude by 2 Height if they are Rising.

couldn’t decide on a unit measurement for altitude so I put Height.



09-10-2020 04:33:28 UTC

Surely you mean “... if they are Falling” at the end?

Raven1207: HE/HIM

09-10-2020 04:48:33 UTC



09-10-2020 05:00:24 UTC

Bias, yes though I can’t edit the proposal now.

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-10-2020 09:23:13 UTC



09-10-2020 09:39:39 UTC

against Sorry, this is fine but needs reproposing.

The only other thing I’d say is that defaulting to ‘Sea Level (0 Height)’ means that increasing altitude will change the value to ‘Sea Level (3 Height)’, and then ‘Sea Level (6 Height)’, which makes no sense, so will probably need a little bit of tinkering with.

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-10-2020 10:31:41 UTC

Altitude is defined as an integer, so it’s not quite that.

I can see how Card got there from wanting to avoid an SI unit like metres, but “Height” does just read like an unnecessary synonym for “Altitude” now.


09-10-2020 11:50:18 UTC


Tantusar: HE/THEY

09-10-2020 13:50:58 UTC


derrick: HE/HIM

09-10-2020 15:59:20 UTC


Brendan: HE/HIM

09-10-2020 16:34:57 UTC