Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Proposal: Movin’ Back to Cali

Oops. Passes 5-4. Next time instead of being lazy let’s do it right ourselves, ok?—yuri_dragon_17

Adminned at 03 Oct 2009 22:02:24 UTC

Part 1:

If there is a rule entitled “London Underground”, rename it and rewrite it so that it reads as follows (disregarding any subrules, which shall not be affected by this Proposal):

Los Angeles Metro
There exists a wiki page called “Los Angeles Metro” which at all times contains the image located at this URL: [1] (http://metro.net/riding_metro/maps/images/rail_map.pdf) This image is known as the Los Angeles Metro Map (or simply the Map) and specifies a list of Stations.  A Station is any Station as referenced in the legend to the Map.

All Stations belong to a line as shown in the Map (all stations that share a colour are part of the same line.  The lines may be referred to as Orange, Red, Yellow, Purple, Striped Yellow, Blue, Green and Striped Grey).

A Station may be a Interchange Station if its so marked in the Map. Interchange Stations are part of more than one line, as indicated by the lines they intersect in the Map.

Each Survivor has a Station, tracked by the GNDT, which must match the name of a Station in the Map, and is “Hollywood/Vine” for new Survivors.

Part 2:

Upon the adoption of this Proposal, the Station of any Survivor whose Station was “Westminster” immediately prior to the adoption of this Proposal shall be set to “Hollywood/Vine”.  Any Survivor whose Station was not “Westminster” immediately prior to the adoption of this Proposal may, within 24 hours following the adoption of this Proposal, set his Station to any valid Station, and if he does not do so, then his Station shall be set to “Hollywood/Vine”.

Hey, it worked for American Bandstand.
Per my comments to the earlier proposal, the idea here is that the LA map is a much smaller map, to make it more likely that people will actually come into contact with each other.



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Ienpw III:

09-29-2009 20:40:45 UTC

for somehow


09-29-2009 21:34:04 UTC

against  Since you posted this earlier, and then blanked it (see “whoops”) for no apparent reason, Im gonna have to vote no. Also, you left the url in the original form—it is http://blognomic.com/archive/movin_back_to_cali/
rather than http://blognomic.com/archive/whoops, or whatever it would be.


09-29-2009 22:23:28 UTC

I posted the original in the form of a proposal, but omitted to use the tags to put the proposal content in text boxes.  I then thought that I was modifying the proposal, but due to either a glitch or an error on my part, I posted a duplicate of the proposal.  I then (before anyone commented) deleted the content of my earlier “proposal”—but you’re right, I didn’t change the URL: I thought that the comment posting engine assigns the URL and that I couldn’t change it.  At any rate, Darth then vetoed the earlier “proposal” (which may not even have been a proposal any more at that point).

None of this seems like a good reason to vote no on this proposal, but do what thou wilt.

Darknight: HE/HIM

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eh… alright, but in the future don’t blank it, just delete it if it has no comments and has not ben up for > about 5 minutes, and leave it as it was otherwise.


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@Wakukee: only admins can delete something. (When I’ve double-posted by mistake, I normally trash the categories (if no comments) and remove the content, leaving a message for admins to delete, though; that has much the same effect, and AFAIK doesn’t break any rules.)


10-01-2009 13:55:35 UTC

Not true. You can delete your own posts.

Josh: HE/HIM

10-01-2009 15:15:57 UTC

against I like the London map. It is comforting. Also: eerily desolate.


10-02-2009 22:22:00 UTC

against CoV per Josh being comforted about the current map.

Josh: HE/HIM

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10-03-2009 06:48:36 UTC

against CoV per arthexis CoVing because of Josh.