Friday, January 14, 2011

Moving a rule and implementing teams (not to battle!)


As a daily action, an Ant who is above ground may Follow a Trail by spending food equal to that Trail’s Distance. An Ant who Follows a Plant trail may reduce its Size by one to start carrying a Leaf or a Twig. An Ant who Follows a Filling Trail may reduce its Size by one to start carrying a Crumb. An Ant who Follows a Tasty Trail may reduce its Size by 1 to start carrying Sugar, and/or reduce its Size by 1 to increase their Food to 5.

from 2.3 Carrying to 2.6 Trails
Add a new point: Teams

Once in a week a Soldier can create a Team giving it a Name and becoming its Leader. All the Teams must be written in the Teams page in the wiki. Any Worker or Soldier can join a Team by consuming 1 food by writing theirs name in the wiki page under the Team name. An Ant may be at most in 1 Team at a time. An Ant can leave a Team at any moment by removing its name from the list. When in a Team, an Ant may not follow Trails. When the Leader follows a Trail all the Ants who are in his Team and are Above Ground are following that Trail too, with all the consequences of the case that the Leader may change on theirs stats. If in the Trails are available less resources than the number of the Ants in the Team, then the Leader chooses who will carry them. If the Leader leaves his own Team the Team no longer exists and thus may be deleted from the wiki page.

Create the page Teams in the wiki if it doesn’t exist.

This is not to battle between Teams, but to perform tasks together, and could be used in battles against other insects or something. I used the word Team because my English is very poor and I could not find anything better.



14-01-2011 18:01:28 UTC

Ok I just read it again it’s really badly written, if someone wants to reword it is ok…
“Theirs” OMG


14-01-2011 18:22:58 UTC

Sorry Elia, this is not a valid proposal. When creating one make sure that you select the Category: “Proposal”. However, I like the idea!

Roujo: he/him

14-01-2011 20:10:15 UTC

I also like the idea. =D “Squads” might be nice. =)