Monday, October 05, 2009

Proposal: Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall

Vetoed -Darth

Adminned at 05 Oct 2009 15:15:12 UTC

Add the following sub-rule to rule 2.18, Los Angeles Metro, under the subheading Fortifications.

Each Survivor has a statistic, tracked in the GNDT, called Fortification. This figure must be an integer between -10 and 20. The Fortification of each station on the map is defined as the sum of the Fortifications of all Survivors at that location.

A Survivor may, as a daily action, undertake a Fitness test to add or subtract the result of a DICE5 roll from their Fortification score. There is no Stamina penalty for passing this test.

Add the following to rule 2.18.1, Movement;

In order to enter a station, the Survivor must pass a Fitness check, with the Fortification score for that location added to their roll. If they succeed then they must set their Fortification score to -5. Whenever a Survivor leaves a station, they must reset their Fortification to zero.

Amend the text of rule 2.2.1, Foraging, as follows:

As a weekly action, a Survivor may Forage. To Forage, a Survivor makes a comment of “Foraging: DICE8” in the GNDT and increases the Food and Water by the result of that DICE roll. A Survivor must make and Pass a Fitness test, with the value of their Location’s Fortification added to the roll, to successfully Forage.

Add the following as a sub-rule to rule 2.5, Marauders, entitled Suicide Attack:

As a daily action, the Leader may elect to sacrifice any number of Marauders in an attempt to bring down the barricades in a single location. For each non-Boss Marauder sacrificed in this way, the Leader may remove 5 fortification points from a single chosen location, evenly dispersed among the fortification scores of every Survivor in that location. For each Boss thus sacrificed, the Leader may remove x*2 fortification points, where x is the number of HP that Boss has remaining. No Survivor may have their Fortification score decreased to a negative number via this method.

Add the following as a sub-rule to rule 2.2, entitled Farming:

Survivors may elect to farm. They may become a Farmer by adding “Farm” to their Inventory record in ther GNDT. Each day that they are farming, as a daily action, they may add 1 to their Stamina and 1 to the Food and Water. While farming, a Survivor may not forrage or attack marauders, and the fitness roll to change their Fortification score is taken at a -20 penalty. A Survivor may cease to be a farmer at any time by removing the farm from their inventory. They cannot then start a new farm until one week has passed.

If the fortification of a location is ever 0 or lower then every farm in that location is immediately attacked; every Farmer in that location takes damage and loses DICE5 Stamina.

And finally, add the following to glossary rule 3.4, Dice:

Unless otherwise stated, all dice rolls must be accompanied by the rule number of the rule under which the dice roll is being undertaken.



10-05-2009 10:27:26 UTC

For the record, I want to add to this if it passes - increased chances for Infected to infect their cohabitors, along with rules for the expulsion of Infected; intra-fortified-town conflict and factionalism; increased cult activity in larger fortified towns.


10-05-2009 14:47:30 UTC

against If this were the beginning of the Dynasty, I would be FOR, but there are already too many complicated rules for me to remember.


10-05-2009 16:34:57 UTC

Reminds me slightly of the mechanic at the end of my dynasty (and the hilarious results that followed). I’m not sure which way to vote on this, though, yet, so imperial for the time being.

Ienpw III:

10-05-2009 17:16:11 UTC

against per Qwaz


10-05-2009 17:52:58 UTC

against on the glossary change alone, and against again for losing Stamina when you move.


10-05-2009 19:27:41 UTC

against per Bucky on the glossary change


10-05-2009 19:44:24 UTC

CoV against per Bucky


10-05-2009 20:09:17 UTC

against per everything being wrong with this proposal


10-05-2009 20:47:59 UTC

oh goodness i didn’t even see the glossary change, that was dangerous.


10-05-2009 22:14:26 UTC

veto  per the glossary change.