Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Proposal: Mutations

Self-Killed. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 28 Aug 2009 13:07:29 UTC

Create a new Rule titled “Mutations” with the following text:

There exists a wiki document, “Mutations,” which may only be altered as specified by the Ruleset. In this document is a list of Mutations, all of which have a Name, and some of which have an Ability and/or an Affected. Example:

*Name: Third Arm
*Ability: If the Affected Passes the Fitness Test to work out, the Affected increases their Fitness by 2DICE10 instead of DICE10.
*Affected: Yoda

If the Mutation has an Affected, the Affected can utilize the Ability of the corresponding Mutation as if it were in the Ruleset.

Create a new subrule to “Mutations” titled “Creation of Mutation” with the following text:

As a weekly action, a Survivor may add a Mutation (Name only) to the wiki document “Mutations.” If a Mutation does not have an Affected and does not have an Ability, the Leader may add an Ability to that Mutation at any time. If a Survivor is not the Affected of any Mutation, they may make themselves the Affected of 1 Mutation (that does not already have an Affected) as a weekly action. A Survivor who is the Affected of a Mutation is said to “have” that Mutation. The Leader may never have a Mutation.

If the wiki document “Mutations” exists, blank it.

This does require some judgment from Darth Cliche (not to make an Ability that is too powerful), but I think he is responsible enough to be fine.



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08-26-2009 22:16:25 UTC

Not so much “responsible enough” as “I don’t want there to be an ability that will make my dynasty end quickly”. :-)


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08-26-2009 23:56:46 UTC

On a side note to this, did you know that having 5 fingers on each hand is the recessive trait and having 6 fingers a hand is the dominat(sp)? Idk how that is but thats what i heard lol


08-27-2009 00:24:05 UTC

Well, the thing is that most people simply don’t have the 6-finger trait. “Dominant” simply means that when the genes for two different conflicting traits are in the organism, the “dominant” trait happens, and the other one (the “recessive” one) does not.


08-27-2009 00:41:43 UTC

lol ik that. i mean idk how the 5 finger trait managed to out pace the 6 finger one over the course of history.


08-27-2009 02:36:00 UTC

Polydactyly can be dominant or recessive. I agree with Darknight that it is surprising more people don’t have it. Although cats have extra digits relatively frequently.


08-27-2009 02:44:28 UTC

against .  Like the idea in general, but I don’t like the approval process.  I also think we should allow several Survivors to have the same mutation.


08-27-2009 02:46:03 UTC

Lol, the interesting convos we get from proposals. and I have an extra toed cat.


08-27-2009 05:01:27 UTC

against per Bucky


08-27-2009 07:14:05 UTC

against I tend to vote against ‘collections of stuff’ rules.  they’re complicated and rarely accomplish much.

Also ‘The affected’ is awkward

Ienpw III:

08-27-2009 16:51:14 UTC

against per Bucky


08-27-2009 17:02:37 UTC



08-27-2009 17:08:34 UTC

against S/k

We can mostly do this thru Items, anyway.


08-27-2009 18:41:09 UTC

veto  veto  veto  veto  veto


08-27-2009 23:48:15 UTC

veto  veto  veto  veto


08-28-2009 01:21:49 UTC

veto  veto  veto


08-28-2009 01:55:07 UTC

I hate the idea that all failing proposals should be vetoed.

Hate.  With a passion.


08-28-2009 02:10:00 UTC

The reason is so that I could Propose something better. I like moving the Dynasty along quickly.

veto  veto


08-28-2009 20:06:58 UTC

Yay they’re fixed!