Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Proposal: Mutually Assured Destruction

timed out, final vote 3-1-2—Yoda
Europe’s influence increases by 2.

Adminned at 08 May 2008 19:43:31 UTC

Rewrite Rule “Weapons” so that it reads:

Weapons exist. The Storage Zone (SZ) wiki page is used to keep track of weapons, their stats, and whether we have them in stock or not. The stats for a weapon are:

Name: The name of the Weapon. No two weapons may have the same name. This stat is mandatory.
Requirements: A Henchman may not equip this Weapon if any of the statements on the Requirements section evaluate to false for that Henchman. If the requirements cannot be evaluated, e may not equip the Weapon.  This stat is optional.
Power: A positive integer or a set of instructions to calculate such number. On the latter case, if an effect asks for a Weapon’s power, it will be the resulting integer after evaluation. If the instructions cannot be evaluated, its power is 1. This stat is optional.
Must either be “Yes” (the Weapon is in stock) or “No” (the Weapon is not on stock). This stat is always No if the Power of a weapon is not stated.

A Weapon may be created or modified only through a successful proposal or within the Success clause of an Evil Operation.

Add the sub-rule “Weapon” to Rule “Attributes”

Weapon specifies what kind of Weapon the Henchman is using. The only legal values for this attribute are either “Unarmed” or any one of the Weapons listed in the Storage Zone that is currently in stock.
A Henchman may change er weapon as a daily action as long as e located on Antarctica, the Weapon is in stock, and all the Requirements of that Weapon evaluate to true for er (or if the Weapon is in stock but has no Requirements).

Of course, if this passes, some Weapons in the SZ may become invalid. I will fix that… later. With the new system, the idea is to use the power of a weapon for something. Perhaps Power + Ms = number of deaths?



07-05-2008 01:05:53 UTC

for Better hurry with that new list, because current weapons act as MS and INT adders even if they aren’t used for anything else right now.


07-05-2008 01:13:48 UTC

imperial I would almost rather keep it the way it is but either add power or add a specialization that operations can take advantage of.


07-05-2008 02:06:06 UTC

I submitted a cleanup of the Storage Zone to build on.


07-05-2008 02:21:31 UTC

against COV since this does not allow effects like boosting MS, INT, and GL.

Darknight: he/him

07-05-2008 02:27:21 UTC


arthexis: he/him

07-05-2008 05:16:00 UTC

Effects require a little more tinkering, because they should be used for other stuff, like hunting down secret agents, and other things we come up with later, that’s why I didn’t try to phase it in all at once.


07-05-2008 12:08:42 UTC

But we already have it to some degree.  Why not just add on to what we already have instead on trying to start from scratch?


07-05-2008 19:23:47 UTC

against per Yoda


07-05-2008 19:57:42 UTC



09-05-2008 00:15:27 UTC

I think this is the first time I’ve disagreed with Yoda and won. (do i get a light sabre or sumpin?)