Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Excellent Timing

Greetings and salutations! I have just joined the nomic, and am excited to get started playing again after around a year without finding a good group. I see that there is a bit of a debate going on which might delay regular play - I am, however, more than willing to be patient and reasonable, for the time being ;), and look forward to getting into the game.



10-13-2011 19:08:59 UTC

Hmm, it might be a good idea not to join SouthPointingChariot up just yet, just in case it turns out we need to use a new player registration in order to dig us out of our current mess. (I don’t see why an unidling existing player couldn’t do it instead, though, although it’d take four days or so for the idle timeout.)

Welcome, anyway, SouthPointingChariot! Debating this sort of situation is part of the game itself, and can be done whether you’re a player or not. It’s not too common on BlogNomic, but I find it quite interesting, and it can at least liven up stalling dynasties.


10-13-2011 19:17:06 UTC

Thanks for the welcome - I have no objection to delaying my installation as a player for a more appropriate time, if that appears to be the wisest course of action. I am chomping at the bit to begin debate myself, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled.


10-13-2011 19:35:23 UTC

As far as I’m aware nothing stops you from wading into the debate itself without being signed up! :-)