Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Sparrowscript/Alethioscript/whatever it’s called nowadays has stopped working

Is it working for other people, or down for everyone? Playing BlogNomic is quite hard without it; I remember I almost gave up on BlogNomic before it was invented because it was so hard to track everything going on, but the script + an RSS feed reader has served me well for a while.



10-11-2011 14:52:04 UTC



10-11-2011 14:53:01 UTC

The script still seems to be working for me, although it still does the annoying thing of marking any new thread as “NaN” rather than showing its postcount.


10-11-2011 15:25:22 UTC

For me, it looks identical to if the script wasn’t installed at all. (I was using rather an old version, though; maybe I should try upgrading.)


10-11-2011 17:04:26 UTC

For me it occasionally marks everything as unread, but otherwise works.


10-11-2011 17:05:14 UTC

Yeah, the most recent version is available somewhere on userscripts.org or wherever. Lilomar usually did the updating.