Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mysterious GNDT update

Latest update:
12/02 12:15 (UTC) (Kevan)  Bucky’s Emotions = Paranoid, Calm, Fatigued, Disabled [was Paranoid, Calm, Fatigued] (Bucky has become Disabled somehow.)

Looking through the ruleset, I’m guessing this was a phaser shot? I can’t see any other reason in the ruleset that Kevan would have been able to do this. (Also, it implies that either one of the Androids felt very threatened by Bucky, or that at least one Android is very wasteful of resources.)


Josh: he/they

12-02-2015 14:27:17 UTC

Between this and the mission sabotage - and especially given that this appears to benefit me (by eliminating a vote in my trial) while actually not (as it also reduced command quorum) - my admittedly paranoid and self-serving suspicion is that it’s an attempt to swing the result of the trial against me.


12-02-2015 16:33:34 UTC

It doesn’t eliminate a vote in your trial.  My implied FOR as author is still valid, even though I can’t cast a manual vote.

Josh: he/they

12-02-2015 16:45:11 UTC

Heh, interesting.


12-02-2015 16:51:03 UTC

There are also a couple of other possible motives for shooting me; They might want to deny Team Human the use of the Doctor power, which I’ve been actively using to try and find Androids.  They might also feel threatened in general by my willingness to use Trials.

Josh: he/they

12-02-2015 17:04:39 UTC

The Doctor power thing is plausible, I guess.