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Proposal: Name That Potion

Passes 6-2. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 13 Jun 2010 09:12:02 UTC

Rename the Rule “Stats, Weapons, and Armors” to “Stats and Equipment”.

Add a new subrule to the rule entiled “Stats and Equipment”.  Call it “Potions” and give it the following text:

There exist Potions, which are a type of Item.  As a Daily Action, a @ may Quaff a potion, removing it from his Inventory.  Each Potion has a Primary Effect that occurs when that @ Quaffs that Potion.

Items listed in the following table are Potions, with a Primary Effect as specified.  In the Primary Effects, the second person pronouns “you” and “your” refer to the @ who Quaffed the Potion.  This is the Basic Potion Table:

{| border="1"
! Potion !! Primary Effect
| Potion of Acid || Your HP is reduced by DICE16
| Potion of Healing || Your HP is increased by 6DICE4. If your HP would be greater than your Max HP afterwards, increase your Max HP by 1 and set your HP to your Max HP.
| Potion of Sleeping || You cannot Fight monsters for the next 4DICE12 hours.
| Potion of Curing || Remove everything from your Status Line that is not Hungry, Hungry!, or Starving
| Potion of Speed || The next time you Fight a Monster, that Monster does not fight back. You may Fight a Monster one extra time in the next 24 hours beyond the normal daily action
| Potion of Holy Water || If you are undead or a Demon, you take 2DICE12 damage. Otherwise, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling, and your HP increases by 1 if it is less than your Max HP.
| Potion of Water || Nothing special happens.

There is also one other important potion, the Unidentified Potion.  When an Unidentified Potion is added to a @‘s inventory, roll DICEX where X is the number of items in the above table (currently 7).  If the result is less than or equal to the number of those items on that @‘s Discovery List, they gain a random potion that is both on their Discovery List and the table.

An Unidentified Potion’s Primary Effect is “This has the Primary Effect of the DICEXth item in the Basic Potion Table, where X is the number of items in the Basic Potion Table but not your Discovery List.  Also, add the selected item to your Discovery List.  If X is 0, instead gain a Potion of Water.”

Add a subrule to the rule entitled “Inventory”.  Call it “Discoveries” and give it the following text:

A @‘s Discovery List is a set of items which that @ recognizes.  Each @‘s Discovery List is tracked in that @‘s section of the wiki page entitled “i”, separately from that @‘s Inventory.

A @ may add an item in their Inventory to their Discovery List at any time.

In the Rule entitled “Death”, change the text

that @‘s Inventory is emptied


that @‘s Inventory and Discovery List are emptied



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against But I’ll change my vote once I get a fix up.


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imperial The first Unidentified Potion paragraph forgot to get rid of the UP in the event that you already knew what it was when you found it.

The second paragraph should only choose among the X Potions that you don’t know about yet.

My fix proposal addresses those two issues, and also explains what happens to any Unidentified Potions that you happen to be carrying when you are able to figure out what one of them is.  (For example, if you have 5 Unidentified Potions, quaff one, and find out that it is a Speed Potion — there should be a chance that some of the other 4 UPs might be Speed as well.)

Darknight: he/him

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