Monday, July 30, 2018

Names of Legend

The legacy of various wizards are currently as follows:

Trigon: 34
Kevan: 27
Card: 26
Brendan: 22.5
Jumble: 14
9spaceking: 13
Corona: 9

We have 1 ruin (The Harbor), 1 village (the wilderness), Three towns (The Far island, The Red Plains, and the Elitist Forrest), and Three cities (The Swamp, The Native Tribe, and the Hidden Secret Keepers).



30-07-2018 17:15:06 UTC

You seem to be mistaken - Thaum doesn’t factor into legacy.

derrick: he/him

30-07-2018 19:19:40 UTC

I have not calculated Thaum into this.

I seem to have added an extra 6 to your score though. I’m not sure where that came from. probably from the far isle.

ugg, it might all be messed up. Ignore the above post. I cannot add.


30-07-2018 19:54:52 UTC

in situations like this I use a spreadsheet to add for me, also due to Legacy being the default positive integer, there are no fractional values. They’re rounded down.

derrick: he/him

30-07-2018 20:03:06 UTC

I also used a spreadsheet. I still messed up multiple individuals. Fractional values are actually surprisingly relevant in this game, because you add up the suspicious sizes before you halve them.


30-07-2018 20:55:43 UTC

I see. Still, you’re off by 12 (which is why I thought you counted Thaum), not by 6 - my score should be negative (-3), as I have one suspicious community and no friendly communities.

derrick: he/him

30-07-2018 20:58:25 UTC

No, Suspicious is a good thing. It adds to your legacy, rather than detracting from it. It is better to be hated than forgotten.


30-07-2018 22:24:09 UTC

derrick, i didn’t quite notice they weren’t halved per community but in an infamy value near the end; however legacy it self doesn’t have fractional values, so you’re off buy an extra half point. also these values aren’t currently accurate anyway.