Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Need Help From Two People

If two people here want to see me win this dynasty, I need one to demolish the word “nothing” in “Space Girder” and one to add a period, as I have already used my daily construction.

Rodlen should not be a problem seeing as he too has already used his daily construction.

I will be back in approximately 6 hours.  Thanks in advance.



07-02-2008 15:41:41 UTC

There might even be some incentives for the two that do this. ;)


07-02-2008 16:23:55 UTC

You are better off trying to get a meta dynasty started than giving yourself victory =P


07-02-2008 18:46:17 UTC

I’m going to prevent this if I can. It seems unfair to Rodlen.


07-02-2008 20:36:01 UTC

Like Rodlen’s ascension was clean?


07-02-2008 20:45:12 UTC

Yoda could have won it last time.


07-02-2008 21:25:20 UTC

The transition between the last dynasty and this was definitely not nearly as smooth as it could have been, with lots of exploited loopholes and differences of interpretations from many different sides.  In the end, it just so happened that Rodlen emerged through the dust as the winner.  I don’t mean to undervalue Rodlen’s victory, but the DoV was the only legal reason that he won.


07-02-2008 21:25:54 UTC

Of course, my “victory” wasn’t completely legal either…


07-02-2008 21:54:30 UTC

I think if Yoda wins he might not wipe the ruleset.