Sunday, February 11, 2018

Call for Judgment: Negaviolence

Timed out 1 vote to 3. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 13 Feb 2018 09:36:48 UTC

Set Cuddlebeam’s stance towards Card to “Neutral”, their wielded item to “Crowbar” (and no longer wielding anything else), their Alertness to 6 and their Health to 6.

Set PineTreeQ’s stance towards Card to “Neutral”, their wielded item to “Nailed Board” and their Alertness to 8 and their Health to 8.

Set Card’s HP to 8.

If Diabecko’s Alertness is zero, set it to 1.

If Diabecko took an item from the Crate whose post is titled “Supply Crate #11”, remove that item from Diabecko’s inventory and return it to the Crate’s contents.

If the Crate whose post is titled “Supply Crate #11” was discarded, return to it the Supplies that were in it immediately prior to it being discarded.

Reproposing the gamestate reset without using the wrong word for “Health”.

Also adding some clauses to deal with the awkward situation this has left us in - with Card out of the queue but most players seemingly agreeing that this should not be the case, we should let Card take their turn. And we should cover the situation where Diabecko politely refrains from taking an item while the CfJs resolve, and risks being timed out by an unsporting player.



02-11-2018 09:31:37 UTC

for Yep


02-11-2018 11:18:29 UTC

If this were to pass after wielding and wearing, wouldn’t Cuddlebeam and PineTreeQ be able to take extra items? the aforementioned CfJ undoes any actions done to the crate and I don’t see any clauses here saying that Cuddlebeam and PineTreeQ don’t get to take one.


02-11-2018 11:47:07 UTC

Apologies, yes, I’d forgotten that Diabecko’s CfJ was also resetting the crate.


Do we actually still need a gamestate fix, or does Diabecko’s CfJ cover it? It only resets “actions currently performed on the crate” (and not actions performed against other players), but if Cuddlebeam hit you with a Crowbar that wasn’t ever removed from the Crate, it seems that hit wasn’t a legal action and can be trivially reverted.


02-11-2018 17:17:47 UTC

I think the only things that would stay are the stance changes.  against


02-12-2018 23:04:25 UTC