Thursday, March 21, 2013

Proposal: Never stop working

Times Out and Passes 3-1. -RaichuKFM

Adminned at 24 Mar 2013 07:22:26 UTC

Amend the first paragraph of the sub-rule “Space Stations” to read :

While a Captain’s class is “Space Station”, a Captain may, at any time, make a story post entitled “Trade Rates: [Name of Sector the captain is currently located]”. In the post, the Captain should list the resources they are willing to trade and the rate at which they are willing to trade those resources. The Captain may also include a Refueling fee. If you pay the refueling fee you may increase your energy by five and decrease the space stations energy by 1.  Any other Captain who shares their location with a Space Station may trade resources with or refuel at the Space Station according to the rates posted by the Captain of the Space Station, limited by the resources and energy available in the Space Station. The exception to this rule is that, upon attacking a Space Station, a Captain loses their ability to trade with or refuel at the Space Station they attacked. This loss of trading and refueling ability lasts until the Space Station is disbanded (the Captain who owns the Space Ship changes their ship’s class) or until the attacker pays the fine set by the attackee (recorded at the end of the Trade Rates story post).



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21-03-2013 23:03:09 UTC

against because this is a fine amendment except that I have found a bug. Suppose there are two Space Stations in the same Sector controlled by two members of the same Fleet. Then, by setting the refueling cost the same for both Space Stations and repeatedly paying this cost to each other, each Space Station can repeatedly gain 5 Energy and lose 1 Energy, for a net gain of 4 Energy. Since no Resources are destroyed and no Activities are taken to perform refueling, each Space Station can gain arbitrary amounts of Energy at zero cost. Now, recall that members of the same Fleet may exchange resources freely if they are in the same Sector without taking an Activity or losing Energy. Introduce a third member of the same Fleet and in the same Sector. By repeatedly paying the refueling cost and transferring the cost back to the ship, it is possible for this member to gain arbitrary amounts of Energy at zero cost. This would make it possible for every member of such a Fleet to undertake arbitrarily many Activities, restricted only by the rate-limiting “twice per 24 hours” clause.


21-03-2013 23:49:21 UTC

I fully agree. I meant to put in a space stations can’t preform this action clause. That can be fixed with another proposal. Members of a fleet could do it at no cost could still do it without paying anything besides the station losing 1 energy but that is acceptable in my mind. It is a fair trade off to those who allow no fleet members to do it so they gain resources.


22-03-2013 01:06:07 UTC

I think MurphEngineer is right that the rule is broken. I could still charge resources to refuel, but it end up being free for my own fleet. This is because I can transfer resources to my fleet - so the paid resources can go straight back to my original fleet member.


22-03-2013 01:06:43 UTC

I’m fine with members of a fleet refuelling for free (that’s actually desirable). Provided that the new proposal fixes this bug correctly, I will almost certainly support it.


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22-03-2013 15:23:02 UTC

for CoV due to future amendment.