Thursday, January 15, 2009

New color scheme

I’m going to set the color scheme to black on white. Arth can change it later to something which fits his theme.



01-15-2009 16:21:50 UTC

I had exactly the same idea, but you did it first!


01-15-2009 16:22:52 UTC

That’s because I’m obsessed with adminning anything I legally can.


01-15-2009 16:26:43 UTC

Many of the BlogNomic headers are fine works of art, and it would be shame to lose them. I still have a few on my hard drive. We should make an archive of them or something…


01-15-2009 16:29:53 UTC



01-15-2009 16:38:08 UTC

You forgot to change the blockquote stuff, and I’m willing to be the admin bar as well :P


01-15-2009 19:05:06 UTC

Ok I like simplicity actually. Lets change the block quotes to grey and…

I propose something else: as people start making guesses about the theme, we could starts changing them backgrounds and stuff.


01-15-2009 19:29:42 UTC

I just changed the text to Times New Roman for more Generic-Ness.


01-15-2009 23:50:09 UTC

Can we have a bigger font size and a slightly more gray background?

My eyes hurt.


01-16-2009 01:47:56 UTC

slightly bigger fone would be nice.


01-16-2009 01:53:24 UTC

Bit too big, but better.


01-16-2009 04:58:43 UTC

Yeah, the white seems to whiet now, I agree with Zuff. Can we use a light grey instead? Also we should add a big question mark at the end of the Blognomic logo to represent the guessing nature of the dynasty


01-16-2009 15:48:59 UTC

I dig it, theme works quite well now.

Wooden Squid:

01-16-2009 18:23:23 UTC

i like how the logo is fuzzy.