Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Player

I’m supposed to announce that I’m a new player, right? Well, here I am.



12-30-2007 22:33:44 UTC

Done! Welcome aboard.


12-30-2007 22:41:36 UTC

Cool, thanks! Uh, is it okay though if I just wait until the next dynasty starts?


12-30-2007 23:52:34 UTC

Well, considering that is your only choice at the moment, sure!

We are between dynasties at the moment. Trying to figure out who will be the next emperor, since the winner wishes to pass on the role to someone else… who may go idle soon. But if so, Spikebrennen maybe next.


12-31-2007 02:05:18 UTC

welcome to the nomic. good timing on your part sixside


12-31-2007 21:32:55 UTC

Whoever added forgot to add him to the GDNT.  I’l ltake care of it when I get home from work.