Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Proposal: New Product: Advertising

Self-killed.  Brendan

Adminned at 28 Jun 2007 10:10:36 UTC

Create an additional sub rule for the Production rule called Advertising, with the following text:

Advertising costs resources to put into place. Whenever a unit of Advertising is produced, its new owner loses $3M in cash. When time is advanced, Advertising adds 1 to the owning corporations Cash production. The corporation that owns the most units of Advertizing gains $2M in addition to their normal cash production when time is advanced. If no corporation has the most units (a tie) then no one gains this bonus.

The production rights for Advertising are in the Public Domain.


Kevan: HE/HIM

06-26-2007 22:53:45 UTC

for Assuming that “Advertising adds 1 to the owning corporations Cash production” means “owning any Advertising at all adds 1”?


06-27-2007 00:58:10 UTC

I think it means “You get one cash per unit of advertising”

Which makes it too powerful if you ask meh.  against


06-27-2007 02:56:06 UTC



06-27-2007 05:21:37 UTC

against Advertising should decay over time.

Brendan: HE/HIM

06-27-2007 08:36:45 UTC

against Sloppy wording.


06-27-2007 09:16:47 UTC



06-27-2007 16:00:27 UTC

against Self-Kill I’ll reword it to be more clear.