Saturday, September 24, 2005

Proposal: New races!

1-5.  Cannot be enacted w/o CoV, failed by Excalabur

Adminned at 24 Sep 2005 22:44:15 UTC

Add the following new Commodities to rule 12

* Tangelos: Integral to the survival of Tangelocracies.

* Meat: Tastes like chicken.

Roll the Production Capacity for each of these Commdites in each current Territory as if it was being created.

Add the following new races to 10.1.3

* Hippopotami made out of Cheese: Because they are made out of Cheese, they are therefore Awesome and excell at everything. They consume Tangelos as food.

*  Metalivorous Slime: Metalivores Slimes are slow and hard to transport. They grow fast however. They Consume Metal as Food.

* Genetically Enhanced Dinosaurs with Shotguns: They make good Soldiers, but are hard to control. They Consume Meat as Food.




09-24-2005 19:00:38 UTC

against I love the dinosaurs but:

1. Races are currently directly connected to the governments, so you might want to change that (except for robots, of course) before you introduce new races
2. Someone’ll have to set the costs for buildings for the new races, and I’m not prepared to vote for these races till I have an idea of how efficient they are at building
3. With 2 new food commodities, we’ll all have 5 commodities while we’ll each use about half of them. We’ll either need more consumption so the international market actually becomes relevant or more ways for other races to use the new commodities


09-24-2005 19:13:03 UTC

against I concur with Purplebeard. This sounds like a good start. Unfortunately, there is a lot built around the current races so multiple issues will have to be addressed to introduce something new at this point.


09-24-2005 19:19:18 UTC

against Wht they said. But I *LOVED* the new race ideas.


09-24-2005 20:19:47 UTC



09-25-2005 05:20:09 UTC

against Ditto.


09-25-2005 05:20:51 UTC

The races are also something that seems like it needs no additional complication atm.  The addition of tangelos I wholeheartedy support, however.