Sunday, September 25, 2005

new territory?

I created a new territory for Wild Blue Yonder passing unanimously. The admin notes show a final vote count of 5-1, but I didn’t see an against vote on the proposal. Was it a miscount or did we lose a vote somehow?



09-25-2005 17:59:28 UTC

I voted against it (after I voted for it), but that vote seems to have wandered off into the aether. 

Your call


09-25-2005 18:11:41 UTC

CFJ coming? :)


09-25-2005 20:49:49 UTC

I’d rather not go back and remove all the world entries, unless someone forces the issue with a CfJ. I wonder what happened to that vote, though, that’s disturbing.


09-25-2005 23:12:45 UTC

I might’ve not waited long enough before doing something else, or otherwise done something stupid.

Not CfJ worthy


09-25-2005 23:20:58 UTC

It could have been adminned before you hit the submit button.


09-26-2005 04:26:59 UTC

but /I/ did the adminning!
(which is why the count is 5-1 and not 6-0 as counting would indicate).

I assume it was orders getting crossed..