Friday, October 27, 2006

New Vegetable

Hello to you vegetables.  Looks like I’ve arrived just in time for the end.  I’ll gen up on the rules hastily, and try not to make trouble.  Apologies for any unwitting faux pas: I’m new to the Nomic concept as well as to this game.



27-10-2006 18:24:59 UTC

Welcome!  Let’s see here… quorum rises to 7; you’ve been initialized with the usual stats, political inclination, and activity; and your GNDT password has been mailed to you.

I guess you’re all set to go, then.  Just remember to stay out of the Top Banana’s Chamber.

Banana-ho-ho! Salute!


27-10-2006 23:06:11 UTC

Right you are.  Banana-ho-ho.