Thursday, January 22, 2009

News Flash!


Yoda has chosen letter ‘A’ (a very obvious choice): It appears 3 times on the Theme.

There are three new types of Vehicles ready to be bought… except they may be a little expensive right now. Hopefully this will get people to invent some mechanics that will allow them to get some Credits.

Also, I wouldn’t mind if people tamper with the Bowl rules so that we can flesh out a balanced cooking system. Basically my intention is:
* People can drive around to purchase stuff. They can do this as long as they have gas.
* People can use the collected items to make recipes.
* Recipes have different effects on the gameplay.
* Different Stations provide different types of ingredients.
* Stations are intrconnected through the Sol Road in the manner specified by the Solar Map.

Consider this a recap of all that’s been going on.



01-22-2009 07:45:35 UTC

Solar Map?  What Solar Map?

I don’t see any Solar Map.