Friday, July 13, 2018

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Append to Factions

Cards without any faction name in it default to Neutral cards.

Add these cards to the list of cards in Deck

Neutral Settlers (1) [Labor] May only affect communities that are not suspicious of the wizard playing the card. > Raise any two separate ratings of a ruin by 2 and change the Faction to Neutral. / Change the Faction of a non-Neutral Village or Town to Neutral.
Neutral Artisan (1) [Person] there must exist at least one Neutral community > Increase any rating of two different non-Neutral communities of a single faction by 1. / Increase the Economy and Culture ratings of two Neutral non-ruin communities by 1.
Neutral Laborer (1) [Person] No constraint > Increase a rating of a community by 1. / Move an attached Neutral Person from a non-Neutral community to a Neutral one.
Neutral Clothing (1) [Object] Play a Person in your hand as if it were a Neutral card. / Play a Neutral Person card as if it were any other faction card.
Neutral Messhall (4) [Structure] This card can be attached to any Neutral community that already has a Neutral structure attached to it. > Any instance of lowering a rating to this community are halved and rounded down. / Each time a Labor card is played on this community increase the Economy rating of this community by 1.
Neutral Clearing (2) [Structure] This can only be attached to a Neutral community > Increase any rating of this community by 1 each time a Person has an effect on it. / When a card that has the text “Neutral Laborer” within its name is played by anyone, increase any rating of this community by 2.

technically a faction



13-07-2018 06:04:01 UTC

imperial These cards are better than the faction cards, considering that

-Communities default to Neutral when ruined

-All non-faction cards would be Neutral (incl. e.g. The Wall, which makes the Messhall actually reasonably playable as opposed to its faction equivalents)

Which will kind of defeat the point of making any efforts to give your community a faction.

Kevan: City he/him

13-07-2018 08:11:34 UTC

against These Neutral Artisans eating Neutral food in their Neutral Clothes also feels a bit bland thematically.

derrick: he/him

13-07-2018 13:01:41 UTC


Brendan: he/him

13-07-2018 16:28:39 UTC


Lulu: she/her

13-07-2018 20:18:31 UTC



13-07-2018 21:04:27 UTC