Sunday, July 10, 2011

No CfJ for bad, but not harmful, admining

I’d do a CfJ here but I wouldn’t know what to put in there that has consequences, so:

Coppor adminned the proposal “Team Effort” while the older proposal “y u no acid” was still pending. Thus, “Team Effort” should not have been adminned. I don’t think that this had any (much) consequences, thus I refrain from CfJing it. I just wanted everyone, especially coppro, to notice, such that I can be told that I am wrong with this opinion, because….

Also, the CfJ “Action Dispute” was adminned without the admins name. Also, no consequences needed, thus no new CfJ.



10-07-2011 08:55:41 UTC

In Coppro’s defence he did actually admin “y u no acid”, he just didn’t change the status of it, which is an easy enough mistake to make. I’ve fixed it.

“Action Dispute” was also adminned by Coppro, though, so the reminder that he should sign his work is fair enough.


10-07-2011 18:47:38 UTC

My bad. I have forgotten to sign a few times recently; sorry.


10-07-2011 19:19:46 UTC

Not a problem, really, coppro, I just noticed and thought I’d point it out. It might be deciding sometimes. ;-)