Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Proposal: No Free Lunch

Reaches quorum 9-0. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 24 May 2017 23:59:17 UTC

Add a new rule called “Debt”. Within it add:

Each Explorer has a Debt value, which starts at 0 and is tracked in the GNDT under “Debt”.

Append to the rule “Supplies”

The maximum amount of Supplies an Explorer can have is ten times the amount of Dog Sleds they have.

Append to the rule “Camps”

As a daily action, an Explorer may take X Supplies from the Camp they are located at. If they do, their Debt increases by X.


I really liked the mechanic of tying victory points to how much cash you started with in the last dynasty



05-24-2017 12:32:59 UTC



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05-24-2017 14:11:45 UTC

for I also liked it, but because it added asymmetry to the game (voluntary asymmetry! Which is totally ass crazy when Bampam kind of alludes to that the best strategy is to NOT deviate from the until the endgame, because that makes you an easier Bampam target for everyone else’s Bampam attempts, would there be any.)


05-24-2017 14:12:16 UTC

deviate from more or less the average of everyone else*


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05-24-2017 16:29:40 UTC

imperial I have no idea what a Bampam might be.


05-24-2017 16:33:32 UTC

It’s a word only Cuddlebeam uses for proposals that give a majority of people an advantage at the expense of a minority.


05-24-2017 16:49:55 UTC

Yes and I will repeat it until its etched into everyone’s heads because it’s one of the greatest concepts ever and it needs a name.

It’s “Benefit A Majority (and/or) Punish A Minority.”


05-24-2017 16:53:59 UTC

A simple example (and where I originally discovered the idea in the first place, it just didn’t have a name yet) is kevan’s message in the Slack loading screen:


05-24-2017 17:25:00 UTC

for This is cool. I like the maximum Supplies cap by using the dog sled.

Cuddlebeam: Ok, noting that down. BAMPAM! :explosion:

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

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05-24-2017 21:34:17 UTC


My objections to Bampam being etched into my head are (1) it rarely works; I’ll vote against any blatant attempt of it even if I’m in the majority and other Explorers have a track record of also doing so, and (2) I just dislike the name.