Friday, September 02, 2005

Proposal: No insta-win

3-2. Timed-Out.—Chronos

Adminned at 04 Sep 2005 16:07:41 UTC

Rewrite the Victory rule, so it reads:

A Player whose Homeland has been the same for the last 48 hours may Declare Victory if e fulfills one of these conditions (which are the Victory Conditions of this Dynasty):
* E is the Robomuffin with most B$ and all Squares are Black. The Robomuffins have wiped out all resitance.
* No Squares are Black, e is a Knight and e is the Player who changed the Color of the last Black Square. The Robomuffins have been banished from the World.
* All non-Tangelo Smuggler Players have negative B$ and e is the Tangelo Smuggler with the most B$.
* E is a Warpjumper and has Moved to every Square in the World since e last set eir Homeland.
* All players are in Gaol and e is the Criminal with the lowest B$.

Clear the current Homeland of all Players.



09-02-2005 22:33:51 UTC

against This messes around with the victory conditions. The last three mave been modifided. Warpjumpers are now too easy, and it appears that the Criminals Victory Condition has been switched with that of the Tangelo Smugglers.


09-03-2005 06:40:34 UTC

I like how the ones are worded now, the list just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


09-03-2005 17:22:07 UTC



09-03-2005 18:52:35 UTC

for seems simpler