Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Noisy Neighbors

It looks like card’s enactment of “Not THAT Noisy” didn’t update the ruleset, which led to 9spaceking playing Noisy Neighbors on The Red Plains, which in turn became Hostile toward Trigon. But Hostile as an attitude still doesn’t exist. I’ve corrected the card description and made The Red Plains Suspicious of Trigon instead, in the belief that this was the intended effect; CFJ if you disagree.



25-07-2018 21:04:13 UTC

unfortunately, nobody pointed out the “hostile” as nonexistent. As such, we can only suppose that the creator of the card intended the “hostile”.

Brendan: he/him

25-07-2018 21:13:02 UTC

[9spaceking] You’re wrong. I did point out that “hostile” was nonexistent. I made a proposal to change it, called “Not THAT Noisy,” which passed before you played the card. You actually voted in favor of it. The Deck was out of date because the update hadn’t been made correctly to the Ruleset after its enactment. But as I said, CFJ if you want to fight for this point.