Friday, July 24, 2009

Non Proposal: Possible Future Themes

Ok, as usual I have come up with three ideas for a dynasty. I’ve considered several factors into this ideas, the most important of them is to make them as interactive as possible. Because of that, all three are based on direct competition, and they are as quirky as you would expect for an idea that’s coming out of my head.

Pac-Man Dynasty:
We upload an image of a pac-man board and as a daily actions, players can move a single pac-man along the labyrinth. Each player keeps a score on the number pellets they consumed when they moved pac-man but loses them if they where the last to move pac-man if a ghost eats him. The emperor can move the gosts but can also
make (through some contest) a player become a ghost themselves, allowing them to move a specific ghost instead of pac-man. When there are no pellets left on the board, the player with the most pellets wins.

Assassination Dynasty:
The player is the Man with the Hat. Players draw a paper from the hat at the beginning of the dynasty, or whenever they join. The paper tells them the name of another player that they have to murder, but only they and the emperor know that name. when a player is killed, he becomes a weapon that can be claimed by other assasins, and may be returned to life if some number of kills is made with them. When a player kills someone, they get a point and may draw another name from the hat. After a Quorum number of kills a player wins.

Groundhog Dynasty:
After a certain number of days (possibly a week) all the gamestate of the dynasty is returned to a certain fixed baseline (a week before). Along the week there are events that are scheduled to happen at specific internals, but repeat again and again due to the time loop. To break the loop and win, a player needs to accomplish a specific goal during that week, but this event would cause other players to fail at their own goals, and thus they must compete. This dynasty would be fast paced.

Of course, I would suggest myself as emperor, but really I don’t mind who ends up with the title as long as I can interest you in my ideas.


arthexis: he/him

24-07-2009 22:02:52 UTC

I can elaborate or answer questions regarding these ideas, so that you might better understand what I have in my mind. I don’t have a personal favorite among these three.


24-07-2009 22:47:34 UTC

I like Pac-man, that one’s even listed among my own ideas on my talk page.


24-07-2009 23:12:17 UTC

I vote FOR for the pacman and grounhog dynasties, but AGAINST vehemently on the assassination dynasty. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN PLANNING AN ASSASSINATION DYNASTY FOR MONTHS!! If it is going to be done, I will do it, or let someone else use my origional ruleset, if possible. So please DO NOT use that one. That means you, unspecified future winner of this dynasty.


24-07-2009 23:12:59 UTC

I like Groundhog. Wak already had the idea of Assassination Dynasty.


24-07-2009 23:13:24 UTC

Posted at the same time as Wak :)


25-07-2009 02:37:24 UTC

I love the brilliant idea of Groundhog dynasty.


25-07-2009 09:45:13 UTC

I love all these ideas.  It could of course be difficult to track data in Pac-Man, so we’d need to come up with a pretty strong system before we start (how flexible is the GNDT?).

Groundhog Dynasty, although it’s possibly my favourite idea of the three, would be fast-paced, which might require more activity than the summer drought we’re experiencing at the moment (maybe an idea to save for later).

The Assassination Dynasty sounds like a lot of fun, but I have a feeling Wakukee might never talk to us again :D

Darknight: he/him

25-07-2009 21:04:49 UTC

groundhog sounds like the perfect way to make thed summer months here better then the last few yrs lol. otherwise go pac-man.