Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Proposal: Nonagressive Leader

2-3.  Times out, fails—Excalabur

Adminned at 30 Sep 2005 02:40:45 UTC

Change the fifth paragraph of the rule “Transportation” to read:

If the target Territory is occupied by another Country or disputed, this is called Hostile Transportation, which costs ten times the basic Transportation rate. In addition, if the population being moved is robots, 2 units in 5 are lost in transit and removed (with any fractional amount lost rounded up to the next integer). The occupied Territory then becomes disputed by the Countries involved. The Hegemonist cannot perform Hostile Transportation unless e, at some point since the beginning of eir Dynasty, controlled or occupied the target territory

This prevents Chronos from using his dominant position to bias the game for the rest of us.  While e can’t win, e can affect who does by attacking people selectively.  This limits him to only colonizing uncontested territories and defending himself. Hopefully, e doesn’t veto it….



09-28-2005 10:37:41 UTC

for Though I don’t see a need for this. I’ll only fight defensively. And will not colonize at all.


09-28-2005 11:57:35 UTC



09-28-2005 14:36:11 UTC



09-28-2005 16:35:57 UTC

against CoV, I think it would be more challenging if the Hegemonist has a free hand. Several Countries can cooperate to oppose the Hegemonist effectively.


09-28-2005 17:36:21 UTC

against COv


09-28-2005 18:27:57 UTC

BTW the reason for the proposal is that Chronos has said that e will not fight offensively—I just wanted to codify it so that everyone knew and cdould rely upon it.


09-29-2005 01:08:18 UTC

If this passes, then Cronos could be continueously attacked because e couldn’t leave the confines off eir terriory to counter-attack.


09-29-2005 09:33:28 UTC