Monday, April 05, 2010

Proposal: North and South tribes?

1-12, cannot be enacted w/o CoV -Darth

Adminned at 07 Apr 2010 16:14:46 UTC

Remove anything from the Colony Stockpile. The removed “objects” are known as the “old objects”.

Reword Rule 2.5 entitled “Stockpile” to:

The wiki page Stockpile contains all Stockpiles which should have unique names. Each Colonist belongs to a “Stockpile”, which is tracked in the GNDT. Multiple Colonists may belong to the same Stockpiles. If a Colonist does not belong to a Stockpile, they may change their “Stockpile” to any Stockpile they could reach, where reaching a Stockpile means occupying this Stockpile, if the Colonist had infinitive Energy and moved only per Rule 2.3.1 entitled “Moving”. If a Colonist could no longer reach the Stockpile they belong to, they do not longer belong to that Stockpile.

Adding or removing anything to the “Colony Stockpile” or to the “stockpile” by a Colonist means adding or removing that to this Colonist‘s Stockpile. If a Colonist does not belong to a Stockpile, they may not perform any action which would add or remove anything from a Stockpile.

Add to the list of Rule 2.3.2 entitled “Tasks”:

* Belong to another Stockpile: The Colonist may spend 15 Energy to belong to a Stockpile adjacent to his location.
* Build a Stockpile. As a Weekly Action the Colonist may spend 50 Energy and remove 10 Wood or 10 Rock from the Colony Stockpile to turn an empty space adjacent to his location to a new and empty Stockpile. They belong to the new Stockpile then.

Add ‘S Stockpile’ to the legend on the Settlement Map, as an Empty Location. Add a Stockpile entitled “Northern” to Location “3a” and one entitled “Southern” to Location “20a”. Add 1 Anvil and the half (rounding down) of the “old objects” to both the “Northern” and “Southern” Stockpile. Add a new GNDT column entitled “Stockpile” and set each Commoner‘s Stockpile to “-”.

As Clucky divided the world into South and North… (Note: There may be a way to walk from South to North and vice versa later.) For the moment there would be a South and a North team…

I know a Colonist could cut lots of Colonists from the Stockpile by adding some walls and on the other hand you can “lose” your Stockpile easily when you are in a Mountain. But why should any Colonist do so? If other Colonists are good for the Community, everyone want them to belong to the same Stockpile.

So I assume this could be an efficient way of “Honour”: If you do nothing for the Community, but removing objects from the Stockpile for some useless things and “costing” food, you may lose your access to the Stockpile…

I know this does not play together with the “Food” mechanism, but that Proposal seems to fail. I posted this Proposal at about 0:30, but the “publish” tab was opened longer, so I assume the time will be a little bit wrong.



06-04-2010 02:27:37 UTC

imperial Long.

Darknight: he/him

06-04-2010 02:37:46 UTC


Clucky: he/him

06-04-2010 05:24:51 UTC

against Would honestly rather have a rule that lets us punish colonists that do nasty things to the other colonists. I just couldn’t think of a good way to handle it. =P


06-04-2010 06:16:40 UTC

“Any colonist may remove one rock from the stockpile and spend 4 energy to stone another colonist” >_>

btw imperial

Josh: he/they

06-04-2010 06:18:37 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

06-04-2010 10:06:40 UTC



06-04-2010 13:33:40 UTC

@ Put: Yes, we could “stone” Miners, but _why_ should we do so? Miners add lots of Rocks to the Stockpile and they are useful for the Community then. Furthermore the Miners could mine the corners of the Rocks…

According to the Proposal “Constructive criticism” you can “stone yourself out” easily. Even if this Proposal fails, I assume there will be ways to delete walls etc.

I would be open for other solutions, but we need first a way to punish too selfish Colonists and second a way to do something for ourselves.

Consider everything you do is good for the whole tribe and if anyone does not contribute to our tribe, this would be ok as well. Well, we could terraform the whole map to a more beautiful one, but there is no way to get a personal advantage and there can‘t be a VC that way.

As I said: Other ideas are welcome, but we need to create teams (or more Colonist specific Rules, but I wouldn‘t prefer this) and ways to punish “bad” Colonists. Any Ideas?


06-04-2010 14:22:29 UTC

against  CoV after reading it. I don’t want multiple Stockpiles.


06-04-2010 14:30:11 UTC



06-04-2010 16:32:03 UTC

against I don’t like this setup, at all


06-04-2010 17:32:23 UTC



06-04-2010 18:12:01 UTC



07-04-2010 06:13:06 UTC


Oracular rufio:

07-04-2010 16:42:30 UTC

against Once there’s a victory condition, rules that rely on community goodwill or an honor system are going to break the game.  Also, I have a feeling this would result in what happens in real DF, where we spend all our energy shlepping things between stockpiles. :P