Thursday, August 09, 2007

Proposal: Not all the monkies, just that one

Passes 6-0 after timing out—Clucky

Adminned at 12 Aug 2007 07:47:38 UTC

Add the following text to the the first paragraph of Doing the Dance:

If a monkey has moves added to their section that have a total complexity higher than the monkey’s dance moves, any monkey may remove the excess moves one at a time, starting with the latest, until the total complexity does not exceed the dance moves of the monky whose moves are being reduced.

In Doing the Dance, change the text

If the monkey has more moves in eir section of the dance than dance moves, only the first N moves are followed where N is that monkey’s number of dance moves.


If the monkey has a move that, if executed, would make the total complexity of that monkies executed moves higher than the monkey’s Dance Moves, no more moves may be executed for that monkey.




Clucky: he/him

09-08-2007 15:43:17 UTC

Eh, its clear enough I guess.  for


09-08-2007 16:39:03 UTC

for again, if in the future we allow moves of a variable complexity, we’ll probably have to reword that first paragraph.

Amnistar: he/him

09-08-2007 20:13:02 UTC



10-08-2007 14:13:58 UTC



12-08-2007 04:42:21 UTC