Friday, December 19, 2014

Not On, Commander

Making this a blog post so that Ayesdeeef doesn’t miss it: they gave themselves back some old fuel erased by the site problems, saying “I think this is legit - restore 3 fuel I lost due to tech issues, gain 3 more (weekly action), buy Dice8 Engine” The CfJ to clear this up has now passed and declared that all such actions, including the older fuel gain, are now “considered not to have been happened”.

I don’t think this falls under the “Any other gamestate changes made as a result of these erased changes remain legal.” exception of the CfJ, and Ayesdeeef doesn’t seem to be claiming that it does. But maybe it does?



12-19-2014 23:54:58 UTC

I interpreted “other gamestate changes” to mean changes to non-GNDT stuff.


12-20-2014 03:46:47 UTC

It seems reasonable to have the game continue as it would have if the tech issues hadn’t occurred. How many times have others gained fuel so far? If I get to buy my engine and remain at 0 fuel I will have gained 3 fuel a total of 2 times due to the weekly action since the start of the game.


12-20-2014 10:08:32 UTC

[ayesdeeef] As quoted above, we had a CfJ explicitly asking whether the lost changes should be “considered not to have been happened”, and a quorum of players (including yourself) voted yes to it.