Saturday, October 22, 2011

Note to Admins about Call for Judgment: Cleaning up the CfJ’s

Do not independently admin the CfJs mentioned there until the cleanup CfJ passes. As far as people on IRC can tell, that would cause the cleanup CfJ to fail.



10-22-2011 19:59:36 UTC

The problem is that the cleanup CfJ says “If the following CfJ’s are still pending, fail them” - if some of the CfJs have already been processed (and “12/18/08” has already timed out), then the full is not “still pending”, and nothing happens.


10-22-2011 20:22:29 UTC

Yes, but note “After this time, if more than half the cast Votes are FOR Votes, the CfJ may be enacted by any Admin by updating or correcting the Gamestate and Ruleset as specified. Otherwise, the CfJ fails.”

So if all admins avoid enacting a CfJ, it won’t be enacted.

But failure happens automatically.